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I see you mama or papa, and you've got (

Do you have questions like…


What types of activities can I do with my baby?


When should my baby be hitting milestones?


Why does my baby hate tummy time, and how often do I need to do it?


Is my baby's sleep NORMAL?


What do I need to know to support my baby's development?

Ease that overwhelm and join our interactive, educational and engaging classes for parents and their little people.

Click a button below to jump ahead to the info you want now, or keep scrolling to take it all in!

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... or just 

In these classes you will learn_.png

Holistic, developmental, research-based ways to support all the ways your baby moves, plays, loves and grows.

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Learn about your baby's motor milestones and how you can support them simply through play.



Babies learn everything they need to know through play. Get inspired with new songs and activities to support cognitive, motor, social and communication skills.



Gain a deeper understanding of developmental attachment theory. Learn how you can apply it for a lifetime of parenting with a deeper connection to your child.



Grow baby, grow- it happens so fast! Sleeping and feeding grow that baby, but a parent is also born and needs nurturing. Participate in a mindfulness/affirmation practice each week.

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Move Play Love Grow is a 6 week comprehensive (and FUN!) series for parents and babies.

It is provided by an occupational therapist to nurture your innate parenting instincts, increase caregiver confidence, & find your (in-person or virtual) village.

Engage in meaningful conversation with other parents in the trenches, breathe, move, sing and play .

Will you                               

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with your




with a

new crew

Okay! Now, Gimme the.png



0-6 months.png
0-6 months.png
Not currently running

(or from little squish up until confidently rolling!)

(or from confidently rolling to up and walking)

0-6 months.png

(or from little squish up until confidently rolling!)

0-6 months.png

(or from confidently rolling to up and walking)

Capacity limited to 8 to allow for a more personalized and intimate experience.

Find your village on-line!

*residents of Ontario can submit this expense to their extended benefit plans, should they have OT coverage. Ask your provider if you have coverage today!

Not currently running


Capacity limited to 8 to allow for a more personalized and intimate experience.

Find your village on-line!

*residents of Ontario can submit this expense to their extended benefit plans, should they have OT coverage. Ask your provider if you have coverage today!

Not currently running

$100 for the series

$100 for the series

Not currently running
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What is a typical class size?

You can be rest assured that you won't be moving, playing, loving and growing with more than 8 parent and baby pairs at one time. The class is capped to ensure a warm and intimate setting to chat, share, ask personalized questions, and receive personalized support and feedback. This is a safe and inviting space to connect with other parents and your baby!


Can I submit these classes to my extended benefits plan if I have occupational therapy coverage?

Currently this is only an option for residents of Ontario.

An occupational therapist can only practice occupational therapy in the jurisdiction they are registered in. I am registered with the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario.

While coaching and education in Move Play Love Grow classes can be provided to non-Ontario residents, I have additional documentation and requirements for compliance with my Ontario participants that allow me to provide a receipt for services to submit to insurance. Should any developmental concerns arise for those residing outside of Ontario, I can help guide you to an occupational therapist in your area.

I always encourage participants to call their specific insurance provider to ensure they have coverage, as this can vary widely depending on your specific plan.


What does a typical class look like?

Each week, all you need is your baby, a blanket and whatever you need to comfortably feed your baby should the need arise (and maybe a small toy or two to entertain them for our chattier parts of class)! I encourage parents to do whatever they have to do to keep baby (and mama or dada) happy throughout class. We ALL get it.

We begin by checking in: we review our affirmation from the previous week, and engage in real, honest and sometimes raw reflections of parenting in the trenches. Because parenthood is HARD.

The flow of class is typically the same each week, after checking in I provide a bit of education on attachment and build in other topics throughout the class to address your interests and pain points. Occupational therapists are jacks (or jills!) of all trades and my training and experience allows me to touch on anything from motor development, sensory processing, feeding, sleep, play, parenting, teething, communication and connection.

I'll demonstrate and guide you through songs and activities that support baby's development simply and playfully.

You can feel confident that you are doing something good for and with your baby!


Who are these classes for?

The class is for babies of all developmental levels and parents who are looking to increase their caregiver confidence & connection with their baby in every day life and routines.

An informed parent is a confident parent, and I truly believe YOU are your child's best bet.  I have information, but only you have the ANSWER that feels good for your family and your unique child.

This class is for you if you are ready to ditch Dr. Google and embrace an approach that supports and nurtures YOUR parenting instinct.

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