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I see you mama or papa, and you've got (
I see you mama or papa, and you've got (

But... wait- What is occupational therapy?

What a confusing title we have, right?

People ALWAYS assume we have something to do with helping people "work".


But as any good paediatric occupational therapist will do, we then joke that in fact, children have very important "jobs" to do.


Our role is confusing, and depending on one's expertise and experience, the way we help support a child or family can look completely different than another OT.


We've become a jack of all trades of sorts- but our main goal is often to restore and promote daily function. Especially when we are working with kids, we like to think we put the "fun" in function!


To us, occupations are the meaningful activities that we need & want to engage in every day.


For a variety of reasons, a child may have difficulty doing the things they want to do.


And boy- don't our kids & babies have some pretty important jobs to do?


Eating, sleeping, playing, moving, learning, exploring, bathing, dressing.... etc.


So an OT can help if your child (or their caregivers!) would benefit from support to participate in any of these daily activities with increased confidence and ease.


We are trained to analyze tasks. Break them down into manageable chunks & really get to the root of the challenge.


We will look at the child, the environment and the task itself:


  • Does the child need to work on a specific skill to improve function in that activity?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

  • Can the environment be modified, changed in any way to support that child's individual needs?⠀⠀

  • Can the task itself be modified or changed in a way to help that child be successful?

  • Will the caregiver benefit from education to increase confidence and connection to support development in their daily routines?

  • Are our expectations realistic based on evidence-based knowledge of child development?

Keep scrolling if you think you want the answer to any of the above questions!

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Click below to learn a little bit more about my training, my passions and what guides my OT practice.

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Click below to learn about the different ways we can work together to support all the ways your little one moves, plays, loves and grows!


Got some questions? I've got answers! If you don't find what you are looking for- schedule a virtual discovery call today!


Wondering if we are a good fit?


Book a 


Babies in Playroom

Kids do well when they can and with the right supports

An informed parent is a confident parent

Every child is unique, and every parent-child relationship is unique

Nurturing your connection and relationship with your child is the key to supporting ANY aspect of their development

There are no "shoulds", only informed decisions that feel good for our families

You are the expert on your child 

You are your child's best bet

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I completed a Bachelor of Science in Honours Psychology at the University of Waterloo, then went on to pursue my Master of Science in Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto. My most recent certification as a Baby-Led Sleep and Well-Being specialist has truly transformed my practice and I support families first and foremost from a developmental attachment lens. Human connection and relationships give us the safety and support we need to grow and thrive.

I've gained ten years of clinical experience on interprofessional teams, ranging from classroom, child-care, in-home, and outpatient settings. I've worked with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children, as well as their caregivers, teachers and parents to support challenges and barriers to participation in self-care, fine-motor, play, school, and daily routines. I have supported clients and families with varying diagnoses, developmental delays, autism, and sensory processing differences. 

I am certified through the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, and hold registration to practice in the province of Ontario through the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario.


  • Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists                                       2010-present

  • CPR-C St. John Ambulance       

  • "Developing a Sensory Lens to Enhance Your Paediatric Practice" Ellen Yack and Associates, Toronto, 2010

  • KidsAbility Autism Forum, Kitchener ON, June 2011

  • "Brain Matters: Anatomy, Medical Management & Clinical Practice” Presented by University of Toronto, November 2011

  • Handwriting Without Tears, "Pre-K Readiness & Writing Workshop" and "K-5 Handwriting Workshop", Toronto, 2013

  • "Chart the Course" OACRS Conference, Toronto, 2014

  • “Analysis and Interventions for Complex Feeding and Swallowing Issues in Paediatrics” Presenters: Sherna Marcus BSc. OT and Suzanne Breton BSc. OT, MA, June 2014.

  • “Introduction to Neuro-Developmental Treatment” Presenter: Kim Barthel, February 2015

  • “Neuro-Developmental Treatment for the Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Treating the Movement Challenges of ASD” Presenter: Kim Barthel, OTR, C/NDT, February 2015

  • “Regulation through Relationship” Presenter: Kim Barthel, OTR, C/NDT, February 2015

  • "Feeding & Swallowing: Decision Making in Complex Pediatric Cases" KidsAbility Centre for Child Development, Kitchener, April 2015

  • “Synchronized Sustainable Intervention for Children: Vestibular and Visual Integration” Presenter: Kim Barthel, OTR, C/NDT, September 2015

  • “Is it Sensory or is it Behavioural: Complex Behavioural Challenges in Children and Youth” Presenter: Kim Barthel, OTR, C/NDT October 2016

  • “Neurobiology of the Autism Brain”, “Sensory Processing Intervention and Motor Interventions”, “The Science of Regulation and Attunement” Presenter: Kim Barthel, OTR, C/NDT March 2017

  • "What Children Need to Flourish" Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Oakville-Parent Child Centre Conference, Oakville, ON May 2017

  • “Solution Focused Coaching” Facilitator: Patricia J. Baldwin, BSc (OT), MTS September 2017

  • Social Thinking “Teaching Social Thinking to Early Learners through Stories and
    Play-Based Activities”, and “What Does Play Have to Do with Classroom Learning? Exploring Social Executive Functioning and Social Emotional Learning for Early Learners” Presenter: Nancy Tarshis MS, CCC-SLP October 2017

  • “Babies @ Play: Running Mom and Baby Classes Made Easy” Presenter, Kaili Ets OT Reg. (Ont), May 2019

  • "Connecting the Dots: Therapy for Function" Kim Barthel, KidsAbility, Waterloo ON May 2019

  • Certified Baby-led Sleep and Wellbeing Specialist, Isla-Grace Sleep, March 2020

  • "Alpha Children", The Neufeld Institute, Currently enrolled online.

  • "Supporting Motor Function Through Play", live webinar series, August 2020. Presenter: Kim Barthel

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my approach


  • available to all residents of Ontario 

  • thorough analysis of intake information ahead of session

  • 60-90 minute video consultation

  • e-mail summary of education and suggestions provided

  • only available to those who have completed an initial consultation

  • billed to closest hour or half hour

  • e-mail summary provided

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$120/hr  $60/30 mins


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  • available to those living in Oakville, Burlington, west Mississauga, and south Milton

  • thorough analysis of intake information ahead of session

  • 60-90 minute in-home assessment & consultation

  • e-mail summary of education and suggestions provided

  • only available to those who have completed an initial consultation or assessment

  • up to 60 minute in-home session

  • e-mail summary provided

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  • includes written formal analysis of intake information, clinical observations, findings and recommendations

therapy options
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Why can only clients living in Ontario access virtual services?

An occupational therapist can only practice occupational therapy in the jurisdiction they are registered in. I am registered with the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario.

Can I submit this service to my extended health benefits plan?

Yes! I provide a receipt with my college registration information for those to submit to their insurance plans. However, I always encourage clients to call their specific insurance provider to ensure they have coverage, as this can vary widely depending on your specific plan or carrier.

Do you provide a report?

I always provide a brief summary of our consultation via email following our session. This may include other handouts to highlight specific education, any recommendations or strategies to be applied at home, and goals. This is included in the assessment/consultation fees.

Should you require a more formal, written assessment of clinical observations, findings, goals and recommendations to present to a doctor, school team,  other professionals in your circle of care, or for your own records, there is an additional fee of $120. 

What are some reasons my child may require an occupational therapy assessment?

If you have any concerns about (or just want more information about) motor milestones or skills, feeding, sleep, fine motor development, school readiness, hygiene, daily care activities, self-care skills, sensory processing, self-regulation, participation in daily routines- then an occupational therapy assessment will give you more clarity, confidence and direction in supporting your child's development. You can have your questions answered, in a supportive, non-judgemental environment and gain valuable insight about how to continue to encourage your child's developing skills simply through play and your everyday routines. 

What does an assessment/ "therapy session" /consultation look like?

Depending on your concern, goals, or support desired- the way a "session" looks can vary greatly. Some sessions are with the parent only to coach and educate on certain topics (i.e. sensory processing), some may be a play based session entirely with the child, while some sessions may be a combination of the two. When the child is involved, I follow their interests and motivations, and use play to target any skills we want to support. 

How much occupational therapy will we need?

This process is a collaborative one and I love my parents to be highly involved in determining the level of support and frequency they require to increase their caregiver confidence and connection while supporting their little one. Suggestions and strategies need to be sustainable to fit into daily life at home, not just an hour a week or every few weeks with me.

I am passionate about empowering parents and ensuring that suggestions fit into your daily life with ease, and not just "another thing" to fit into your already busy household. I will never "should" on you, we will work together to make sure strategies are a good fit.

Who will benefit from your OT services?

Occupational therapy support, coaching and consultation will benefit everyone from a parent or caregiver of a child with specific diagnosis or developmental difficulty, all the way to parents of babies/toddlers/preschoolers of all developmental levels who are looking to increase their caregiver confidence & connection with their child in every-day life and routines.

An informed parent is a confident parent, and I truly believe YOU are your child's best bet.  I have information, but only you have the ANSWER that feels good for your family and your unique child.

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